Free neural networks in your home

See what you can do on your computer, in your home. We show you just a small part of what you can do. No corporate shackles or endless subscriptions. All of these things are created on your own computer, which means you’re completely free to create. Which means you won’t be tied to the framework of big companies telling you what you can and can’t create. You can generate any images or realistic photos with any people or create never existed people. You can change the character’s face in the video to whatever you want. You can create an anime girl and make her dance. The possibilities of neural networks are endless, and this is only a small part of all the ways in which they can be used.
Technically, you can do anything you can think of. No censorship, total freedom! BUT! We’re not moralizing here, remember:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

AI video animation

We took some videos of girls and generated anime style videos from them. You can do something similar on your PC. Do you want to learn how to do it? Book your training with us.


The cost of the training – AI video animation is $49.

AI Deep Fake video

We borrowed some videos and replaced the characters faces with actress Anne Hathaway’s face. This includes the actress Elsa Jean.
You can do all of this with any video and any face on your computer. Want to learn how to do it? Book your training with us.


The cost of the training – AI Deep fake video is $49.

AI dressing and removing clothing

We borrowed photos of famous girls and dressed them up to our liking. More explicit photos were not created for ethical reasons. Do you want to learn how to do the same with any photos and any people? Book a training session with us. We remind you: with great power comes great responsibility.


The cost of the training – AI clothing uncensored is $49.

Local generation of AI of different girls

We have generated many pictures of beautiful girls on our computer. This is for your aesthetic pleasure. And yes, you can generate on your computer no worse, if not better than such creatives. Learn how to do it – just book a training with us.


The cost of the training – AI generating your fantasies is $49.

Complex training on all neural networks

We offer you the opportunity to purchase all the training presented on this site at a substantial discount. Instead of paying $49 for each item, purchase the whole set for only $99.
The promotion is temporary until the main price is raised. If you see this post, this promotion applies to you.

Complex training on all neural networks – $99.

What will you get?

  • Learn how to properly install and configure the necessary programs to run neural networks on your computer. Without endless paid subscriptions.
  • Gain full control of your creativity without censorship from companies.
  • Start creating, improving and inventing new things.
  • A closed community and support from us for any questions you may have.

Who are we?

We are a group of neural networks and artificial intelligence researchers. Our main focus is AI security, free neural networks and access to them for everyone without restrictions. We see huge potential in this technology. But we also recognize its enormous dangers. We divide this danger into ethical and existential. Regarding the ethical threat – we ask you, once trained, to maintain your humanity and not to use these technologies for evil. As for the existential threat – there is a problem of AI alignment. This is the main motive for selling this training. Since such research at the moment requires significant costs.

You have questions?

To pay click “Order training or Get Started”, you will be transferred to a Telegram bot, and the bot will give you a manager who will accept payment and answer all your questions. It is also important to note that we accept payment only in cryptocurrency. If you don’t know how to pay in cryptocurrency, it’s okay – the manager will tell you how to do everything. It is easier than it seems.

Training for each neural network costs – $49.
You can order training for all neural networks at once with a big discount. It will cost you $99.

The main emphasis for running neural networks is on the video card. It is desirable to have a video card from NVIDIA GTX 1080 and higher. Work on cards of younger generation is also possible, just a little slower.
Working on AMD cards or Apple equipment may cause some difficulties. But it is still possible.

After your purchase, you will receive:

  • A detailed guide on how to install, configure, and how to work with neural networks.
  • Technical support.
  • Access to a closed community where we and users share feedback.
  • Specific cases on the chosen neural network.