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Cost of training

We currently only accept payment in cryptocurrency. If you have difficulties with payment, please write to us, we will advise you.

Complex training on all neural networks - $99

All-inclusive. Order training on all neural networks at once and get a big discount. Instead of $196, you will pay only $99.

AI video animation - $49

Creating video creations of your PC using neural networks.

AI Deep Fake video - $49

Creating deep fakes with forehead video and character.

AI dressing and removing clothing - $49

Clothing games.

Local generation of photos and pictures - $49

Generate any content on your device.

Got a Question?

At the moment we only accept payment in crypto – bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. If you have any difficulties with payment by this method, write to us, we will help you understand.

The work of local neural network models at the moment requires computer components that are not obsolete. The main emphasis is on the performance of the video card. Therefore, it is desirable to have a graphics card of at least NVIDIA GTX 1080 and higher. We will also give recommendations on how to accelerate the process of neural networks, including on cards of younger versions, such as NVIDIA GTX 1060. But you should realize that working on these cards will take more time. It is also possible to work on AMD graphics cards and Apple hardware, but we do not recommend using them. Because there are a number of technical difficulties.


We offer you training on how to install, configure and workflow with neural networks at home. On your own computer. You can also work with neural networks without internet access. You don’t need to pay for additional subscriptions. That means you can generate virtually endless amounts of content. No one but you will have access to your creativity. In the future we will prepare additional material on installation and customization of language models analogous to ChatGPT. All requests will be handled on your device. Confidential and secure.


Neural networks are, without exaggeration, the future. Those who master working with them now will be one step ahead of those who put it off. If you don’t see the potential and power of neural networks, then you don’t know enough about them. We can help you correct that.