What is Midjourney. Explained in simple words

What is Midjourney. Explained in simple words.

Midjourney is a neural network that generates images based on a short text query.

To get an image, you need to use a special Midjourney bot in the Discord messenger. We write a description of a few words in the chat room, the bot recognizes the text and generates a picture. The result is similar to the work of professional artists or photographers.

What Midjourney neural network can do

create images based on a brief description; stylize one image to match another; combine (cross) two images.

How to sign up for the Midjourney neural network

On March 30, 2023, Midjouney closed access to the free trial. Now only paid plans are available. Basic subscription for private users costs $10 per month and includes 200 minutes of generation, standard – $30 (15 hours), professional for companies – $60.

Before that, a free trial version was available. To use it, an invitation link from the official Midjourney website was enough. The invitation gave access to the Midjourney server (a room for communication) in Discord. There were many channels for newcomers, where users created images together with artificial intelligence. But there was a limitation: only 25 images were allowed to be generated, and each attempt to improve or remake an image was counted as a separate generation.

How to create images in Midjourney neural network

  • We write the image generation command /imagine in the chat.
  • In the promt line give a description of what kind of image we want to get. The request should be in English.
  • The bot recognizes the text and generates an image. More precisely, a set of four images.
  • The resulting images can be saved as is, improved or generate other images based on the same query.

How to cross images in Midjourney neural network

  • Give the bot the /settings command. A menu with settings buttons will appear on the screen.
  • Choose MJ version 4 (or higher) and Remix mode.
  • Give the main image generation command /imagine.
  • In the text prompt field insert two links to the images to be crossed.


  • Midjourney literally translates to “midway” or “halfway”.
  • Midjourney was launched in February 2022, with the neural network becoming available to users in August 2022.
  • The company’s founder is scientist and entrepreneur David Holtz, a graduate of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of North Carolina. He has worked at the Max Planck Institute and NASA.
  • The neural network is powered by 11 employees and many consultants.
  • Midjourney is actually two neural networks: one that can understand text and one that can generate images.

Did you know that there are also neural networks more powerful than Midjourney that you can put on your computer. You get security, incredible creativity and no endless subscriptions.

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